Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Millis is First Witness Today

Today's first witness is Don Millis, a Madison attorney and a former legislative worker from '81-'90. Millis is also former chairman of the Tax Appeals Commission, and a former member of the state Elections Board, including a stint as chairman from 1998-99.

Defense attorney Stephen Meyer asked Millis for background on legislative leadership and the partisan caucuses.

Millis said he has known Jensen since the early '80s, when Jensen was a Senate intern, and said he is a good friend and that he "has the highest degree of confidence in Mr. Jensen's integrity."

On cross, Blanchard asked Millis, who works for Michael, Best and Friedrich, if Jensen had given the firm a lot of business through the redistricting process. Millis said he joined the firm after redistricting was resolved, so he had no knowledge of that, but he said redistricting created work for a lot of firms.


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