Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Korte Cross Continues

Korte continued to ask Jensen about the ARC and RACC, his interaction with ARC directors and duties of the directors.

He listed a long line of duties Carey and Kratochwill were tasked with, from executive director of RACC to managing field staff to handling direct mail. Jensen was asked if he ever advised either of them to do that work off the state clock. He said he assumed he wouldn't have to address the issue with a "seasoned employee" like Carey.

"No, and I didn't tell him the opposite either. We didn't have that conversation." Jensen said of Kratochwill.

Korte asked whether he was aware there was campaign work being done on the state dime in the '98 and '00 elections. "I was aware of that in 1987," he said.

"I guess I didn't think of it that way. We thought we were following the rules we've always (had), and didn't see state resources being consumed," Jensen said.

Korte pointed out then that in the Sept. '01 interview with investigators, Jensen was asked if he was aware of state workers conducting campaign activity. Why did he answer no, Korte wondered.

"I thought that meant in the present tense at the time because the question was asked in the present tense," Jensen said, adding he answered it that way because "it had been many, many months since anything like that occurred."

Jensen said, "It was a very confusing interview."


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