Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jensen Staffer Says Schultz Was Fundraising Contact

Former Assembly Republican Caucus staffer Brian Dake, who currently works for defendant Rep. Scott Jensen, testified that a few months after being hired at the Assembly Republican Caucus, he was assigned to help out with a GOP primary for a special election in the 82nd AD, pitting Stephanie Mares against Jeff Stone. Dake said he provided Mares with general campaign insight. Asked if he was on the state payroll at the time, he said, "I believe I was partially on the state payroll and partially off."

Dake was hired at the ARC as a "budget, taxes and finance specialist." Dake worked at ARC until 2000, then joined Jensen's staff. He worked in Jensen's office until 2002, and returned to working for Jensen in January of 2005.

After the primary Dake helped the winner, Stone, with campaign finance issues. As the campaign progressed, Dake said he was working 4-5 days a week on the campaign, and his work included GOTV effort. Dake said his contact at the the ARC for reporting campaign finance activity was Schultz. "It was my understanding that she was helping track that information - she was the clearinghouse."

Dake said his discussions with Schultz about campaign finance were mainly about contributions from conduits and PACs.

Asked what other tasks he was performing for ARC in this period, Dake said, "I don't think I was doing much."


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