Friday, March 03, 2006

Jensen Counsel 'Expressed Concern' About Office Campaign Activities

The Jensen-Schultz trial continued this morning with the cross examination of former Jensen aide and Taxpayers for Jensen treasurer Carrie (Hoeper) Richard.

Defense attorney Stephen Meyer concentrated on inconsistencies in Richard's testimony, pointing out that in a preliminary hearing she had forgotten that during her first two weeks working for Jensen she was paid by Taxpayers for Jensen, a detail she forgot until Meyer refreshed her memory at the prelim.

Meyer asked her if Jensen office counsel Bert Garvin ever told her to stop doing campaign-related work in the speaker's office.

"Mr. Garvin had expressed concern that these activities were being performed in the office," she said, but he never told her to stop doing it. She said he did suggest that she be moved to the RPW offices.

He seemed to imply that she was exaggerating the amount of time she spent on fundraising after Jensen became speaker. He asked her about if she was busy doing constituent work after the infamous Reggie White address to the Assembly. She acknowledged having to field a lot of calls and respond to complaints. Meyer read off a long list of policy issues she may have done constituent work on, but Richard remembered having little to do with the work.

She said under redirect from Blanchard that mostly she directed interns to handle constituent work.

Richard said under questioning from Meyer that she was provided a laptop and pager by Taxpayers for Jensen, but she didn't recall that the campaign committee rented space at the RPW, as Meyer asserted.

She also said that Taxpayers for Jensen outsourced services such as direct mailing and some fundraising, but not telecommunications and letter-writing, as Meyer suggested.


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