Friday, March 03, 2006

Investigator Says Jensen Disputed Newspaper Story

The next witness is Dave Collins, now head of the Wisconsin State Troopers. He helped conduct an interview with Jensen about the investigation on Sept. 18, 2001.

Collins said in the initial interview Jensen refuted all the claims in the Wisconsin State Journal article that campaign work was being done on state time, and said Schultz had legitimate legislative assignments.

Jensen assured them that no campaign work was being done on state time and with state resources by ARC staff or any of the speaker's office staff. He told the investigators that if he heard other legislators had staff who were doing campaign work in that fashion, "He said he would clearly tell the legislator to make sure that wasn't being done and should not be done," Collins said.

The investigators asked Jensen where Schultz's office was. He said he had heard that she was not in Foti's office, but that she had space in the same building as ARC, although not in the same office, Collins said.

According to Collins, Jensen said Schultz had a good overall knowledge of Assembly Republicans. He said any fundraising discussions he had with Schultz were during the lunch hour or at the RPW office.

Collins also said Jensen made reference to meetings at state Republican HQ to talk about fundraising. Attending those meetings, Jensen said, were himself, Schultz and Reps. Foti, Ladwig and Gard.


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