Monday, March 06, 2006

Healy Next on the Stand

Next on the stand is Brett Healy, who worked for Jensen for 12 years and now works for School Choice Wisconsin.

He said most employees reported directly to him. Jensen would give direction, and the staff would run with it. "It was up to myself and the other staff to take that direction and make sure it got done," Healy said.

As Baas did, Healy testified that he never saw Jensen solicit or receive campaign contributions from lobbyists in the speaker's office.

And, echoing Baas and other staffers who have testified, Healy said he gave the state more than the 2,000 hours annually he was being paid for.

Asked by Meyer if there was an office policy regarding using vacation or leave time to work on campaigns. Healy said, "It wasn't so much an office policy - it was the Assembly policy." Healy said he took vacation days over his tenure to work on campaigns, but never took leave or went off state payroll. He said he also did campaign work on his own time.

Healy said he participated in envelope stuffings in the speaker's office, but "not very often." He also said he would at times take home the materials and do the envelope stuffing there.

Healy testified that Schultz attended leadership meetings in the speaker's office along with Reps. Jensen, Foti, Ladwig, Freese, Gard and Kaufert.

He said the topics of the meetings would vary, from policy to fundraising.

Under questioning by defense attorney Stephen Morgan, Healy said that sometimes Schultz would speak about policy at the meeting, and at other times she'd say how members were doing with fundraising.


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