Monday, March 06, 2006

Healy: Fundraising Only Came Up at End of Interview

On cross, Blanchard asked if at the '97 job interview with Carrie (Hoeper) Richard if she talked at length about her fundraising background. Healy said the topic didn't come up "until literally we were getting up to leave the table."

Blanchard asked if Richard was doing campaign-related work in the speaker's office. "I don't recall that," said Healy, who was the treasurer for Taxpayers for Jensen prior to Richard.

But Blanchard continued, asking where Richard would receive campaign checks. Healy said Jensen would bring them in his mailbag, and part of Healy's job was to distribute that mail. "She was treasurer so she needed the checks," Healy said.

Blanchard asked about a meeting in '98 when hiring a second ARC graphic designer was discussed after Eric Grant asked for more help. Grant testified that he was swamped during the campaign season creating campaign materials. Blanchard asked if there was any reason Jensen would not have been aware of what was keeping Grant so busy. Healy said no.

Blanchard asked about Leigh (Himebaugh) Searl's duties. Healy said while he thought she was doing constituent work and helping with scheduling, he acknowledged that she was doing Taxpayers for Jensen work as well, but it was on her own time.


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