Friday, March 03, 2006

Foti Staffer: Schultz Organized Campaign Mailings

Charlene Rodgriguez, a former Foti aide, testified that she would frequently participate in gatherings to assembly campaign mailings, and that Schultz was a frequent organizer of the activities. Rodriguez was the next to take the stand after Foti finished with his testimony.

The work would take place in the ARC office or in the "annex" office on the first floor of the West Wing of the Capitol, said Rodgriguez, who now works for Rep. David Ward. The "annex" office, which is storage space for the Assembly speaker, was the temporary office of Schultz after she was hired by Foti and before she moved to the caucus offices.

Rodriguez said she participated in the envelope stuffing sessions 15-20 times, and five or six times the mailings were for Taxpayers for Jensen.

Rodriguez said Schultz would stop by the Foti office and "talk ... about how busy she was." Rodriguez said Schultz was always busy with fundraising.

Rodriguez, who handled Foti's schedule,said Foti would sometimes duck Schultz. "Mick (Foti) would explicitly say he didn't want to meet with Sherry today," she recalled. Rodgriguez said on some days, Foti would tell her he "just didn't want to deal with her."

Lobbyists would call the Foti office and ask how they could contact Schultz, she said. She said they would refer her them to her ARC number or later the number to the annex office, which were both state numbers.


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