Friday, March 03, 2006

Foti: Legislation on Lobbying by Felons Played a Role in Plea Deal

Meyer asked about Foti's plea deal. He asked Foti if pending legislation prohibiting convicted felons from lobbying played into his decision. Foti said it did.

Meyer pointed out that the difference between the penalty for the felony Foti was charged with and the misdemeanor he pleaded to, five years in prison as opposed to one year in jail. (Prosecutors have recommended a 30-day jail term for Foti.) Foti said that was also a factor in his decision.

Foti said his plea deal hinged on his giving truthful testimony.

"Who's the one who determines whether they (the prosecutors) fulfill their end of the bargain?" Meyer asked.

"That's up to the judge," Foti said.

Foti said being on the stand was difficult. "I consider Scott a good friend," he said. He also called Schultz a good friend.

Meyer asked Foti if he believed Jensen to be a truthful and honest man. Foti said yes.

On redirect Blanchard brought this up, and asked if it was honest for Jensen to put Peer on his payroll without telling him.

"Afterwards when I approached him about it, Scott was very, very honest," Foti replied.


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