Friday, March 03, 2006

Foti Doesn't Recall Specific Legislative Work Assigned to Schultz

Blanchard asked Foti whether he ever assigned Schultz any legislative work. Foti said Schultz was originally hired to be a liaison between ARC and his office on legislative issues, and she worked in that capacity in the spring Assembly session of '98. Foti couldn't name specific tasks she had performed.

"So you gave her work, you don't remember what, the first few months of her employment, and that'd be it?" Blanchard asked.

"Yes," Foti replied.

Foti said part of Schultz's duties as a legislative liaison included making sure members finished their campaign finance reports. He said she did his campaign finance reports, and he also testified that he gave her campaign checks that would come to his Assembly office.

Foti said one of the reasons he hired Schultz is because she would be good at prodding him to make his fundraising calls. He said she would give him the names of seven or eight lobbyists, treasurers or other individuals to call and solicit funds from for specific candidates. He said he thought it was likely the lists came from Jensen.

After the caucus scandal story broke, Foti said he discussed taking Schultz off the state payroll and moving her to the RPW. He said he discussed it with Jensen. "Scott was agreeable to it. He liked the idea and he picked up the ball and ran with it," Foti said.

Schultz left ARC employment on Oct. 8, 2001. She was making $65,000 per year. She began working for the state Republican Party as a fundraiser on Oct. 9 at a salary of $92,000 per year.


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