Monday, March 06, 2006

Former Jensen Spokesman Says Leave Compliance Was Staff's Responsibility

Steve Baas said in 1997, he went on 80 percent leave from Jensen's office to work on the DPI superintendent campaign. He said one day a week during that period he would put in an office day at the Capitol.

Defense attorney Stephen Meyer displayed the leave request letter to then-Assembly Chief Clerk Charlie Sanders.

Baas said it was up to staffers to ensure they followed the conditions of their leaves."That was my responsibility to make sure I was in compliance with this," Baas said.

As former staffers of Jensen have already testified, Baas described Jensen as a "big picture" kind of leader, and not a micro-manager.

Baas said Jensen had "very little" oversight of his work or that of the other personnel, and that he hired staff with "independent initiative and creativity."


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