Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Elections Board Auditor Called in Schultz' Defense

The first witness today, Richard Bohringer, is lead campaign auditor at the state Elections Board. He has been employed there since 1990.

Bohringer said defendant Sherry Schultz would often visit the Elections Board to review reports or with questions about how to report something. He said he could go to Schultz to help reconcile problems with GOP Assembly candidates' campaign finance reports when the candidates were unresponsive.

"She was able to put them at ease that either they'd respond to me or they'd respond to her and she'd get me the information I needed," he said.

Bohringer said the Elections Board closes at 4:30 p.m. Morgan asked if there was any special arrangement for people trying to contact the agency after hours, and Bohringer said there was voice-mail.

Under cross, Blanchard asked Bohringer how he thought of Schultz. "She was a resource I used to help resolve the files," he replied.

At the time, Bohringer said, it was unclear to him whether she was a state employee.


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