Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dake: Schultz Handled Fundraising Checks

Korte asked Dake about the Monday morning meetings held at the ARC offices and whether any campaign donation checks were handed over by Schultz at the meetings. At first, Dake said he couldn't recall any incidents specifically, but it was "conceivable" it occurred.

After Korte showed Dake a transcript from an earlier interview with investigators, Dake's memory was refreshed. "If contributions came in to the RACC P.O. box in Madison for the campaign I was working on, she would hand over the checks and I would take them to the campaign," Dake said. He said he also recalled Schultz handing checks to others.

Dake said he attended some leadership meetings in the speaker's office while employed at ARC. He said the meetings were attended by Jensen, Foti and Ladwig.

He said Schultz was also at the meetings, and would apprise the Assembly leaders on "how members were doing with fundraising."


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