Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dake Says Jensen a 'Truthful and Honest Man'

After Dake left Jensen's office, he worked as government affairs coordinator at law firm Michael, Best and Friedrich. Meyer tried to ask Dake whether he and Jensen had conversations about the case after he left the office. Ebert would not allow the question.

He did allow Meyer to ask Dake whether he believed Jensen was an honest individual. "I believe he's a truthful and honest man," Dake said. Then Dake, who had appeared to grow increasingly nervous as he testified, broke into tears as he said, "He means more to me than I think he'll ever know."

Under cross-examination from Meyer, Dake earlier said that Jensen is not a micromanager of his staff.

"He was sort of a big picture guy. He didn't really want to know the details. He gave us broad assignments, and we worked within the parameters," Dake said.

As with previous witnesses for the prosecution, Meyer asked about the legislative schedule, pointing out that there isn't a lot of policy work to be done by staff in the summer.

He also asked Dake whether topics besides campaigns came up at the Assembly leadership meetings Dake referred to that took place in Jensen's office. Dake said policy was a frequent topic in the meetings.

The court is on break until 1:15 p.m.


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