Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dake: 'From What I Understood, I Had Broken the Law'

When Schultz attorney Stephen Morgan's turn came to cross-examine Dake, he tried to portray Dake as having been deeply involved in campaign and fundraising activities while at the Assembly Republican Caucus. Morgan brought up numerous examples of fundraising-related documents Dake had authored while at ARC.

"I would say I was active in campaigns and I was active in helping candidates do what they have to do to win, and one of them is fundraising," Dake said.

Morgan asked Dake if he knew what he was doing was illegal. "I personally believe the law is kind of fuzzy in this area," Dake said. "From what I understood, I had broken the law."

Morgan asked him what he meant when he said Schultz was a "clearinghouse" for campaign finance information.

"I would be one of the people in the field, ando others out in the field would send he the same information I would," Dake explained.

Morgan asked if Schultz was in charge of any campaign's fundraising efforts, to which Dake replied no.


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