Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cosh Offers Lively Testimony

In a trial where much of the testimony has been matter-of-fact, even dispassionate, Bill Cosh added some colorful language to the proceedings.

Cosh was prone to editorializing in his answers, at times rhapsodizing about the duties of the campaign worker or the business of managing student housing (Cosh manages an apartment building in downtown Madison.)

In one example, Cosh used the phrase "s--- hits the fan" to describe when things went awry in the Pettis campaign.

At one point, he swung into a discourse on why he put in 12- to 16-hour days. "I believe electing more Republicans makes Wisconsin a better place to live - I passionately believe that," he said before being cut off by Ebert on relevance.

Morgan questioned him about his immunity agreement with prosecutors, and if he insisted on it before speaking with investigators.

"My attorney decided that," Cosh said. When prodded a bit by Morgan, he elaborated. "I am not an attorney. I am paying someone $200-an-hour who is. The least I can do is take his advice."

At one point, he explained why he was so emotional about the case.

"I have been personally attacked for this bulls---. I have Democrats there waiting to attack my boss," he said, before being cut off by Morgan and Ebert.

At the end of his testimony, after being excused by Ebert, Cosh said he had one question.

"No, no questions Mr. Cosh," Ebert said.

"It's from my attorney," said Cosh, holding a piece of paper. "Have I been released ..."

Ebert repeated that he'd been excused, and told him that if his lawyer was here, Cosh should speak to him outside the courtroom.


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