Monday, March 06, 2006

Caucus Employees Worked on 'Speaker's Club' Newsletter

Under questioning from the prosecution, Baas testified that he worked with ARC graphic artists on Speaker's Club newsletters, including Eric Grant, Kacy Hack and Lee Riedesel -- three artists who testified earlier in the trial. The Speaker's Club was a fundraising vehicle for Taxpayers for Jensen.

Baas testified he would use state phones to communicate with the designers and state e-mail to convey the material. Baas said Jensen was aware but not involved in the creation of the newsletters.

"He didn't know how I was doing it. He knew I was preparing the speaker's report," Baas said.

Baas said he also participated in putting together mailings in the speaker's office. While he didn't recall specific mailings, Baas said he remembered "some that were campaign-related." He said they usually took place over the lunch or dinner hour.


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