Thursday, March 02, 2006

Campaign Treasurer Testifies to Fundraising Contact with Schultz

Next on the stand is Stacy Ascher-Knowlton, who said she served as treasurer in Rep. Don Friske's first campaign for Assembly in 2000. She said she was given an "any time, day or night" contact number for defendant Sherry Schultz, and relied heavily on Schultz to help her with campaign finance laws.

She said PAC money would be sent to the campaign from Schultz via the mail, or was hand-delivered to the Merrill campaign headquarters. "I think Don brought money back with him sometimes," Ascher-Knowlton recalled.

Ascher-Knowlton said she would get "heads-up" calls from Schultz, telling her to expect a certain amount of money and on what day it should arrive.


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