Friday, March 03, 2006

Blanchard Works to Refresh Foti's Memory

At first, Foti said he didn't recall a specific conversation with Jensen about hiring Schultz, but Blanchard then reminded him of a January '06 interview with prosecutors. Blanchard has had to refer Foti to pre-trial interviews several times to refresh his memory.

After reviewing the transcript, Foti recalled that he did talk with Jensen about Schultz. "I most likely wouldn't have hired her if (Jensen) had a problem with it," Foti said.

He said, after prompting from Blanchard, that Jensen knew although Schultz was on Foti's payroll, she'd be housed in the Assembly Republican Caucus. "Obviously since she went over there I'm sure Scott was fine with it."

Schultz started in January '98 at a salary of $55,000. Foti also said that he told the investigators in January that for nine months before the '98 election, ARC employees did nothing but campaign work.

Blanchard asked Foti about the so-called "Meetings of the Three," which he, Jensen and Ladwig would attend. Foti said at one of those meetings in early '98, Jensen told Foti that Schultz would be put in charge of fundraising for individual members.

At subsequent meetings, Schultz would apprise them of how much GOP Assembly members had in their campaign accounts. Foti said the meetings happened in the speaker's office at all times of the day.


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