Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blanchard Says State-Paid Staffer Gave Jensen a Fundraising Boost

Blanchard wrote out some numbers from Jensen's campaign finance reports to attempt to show what he says is the impact of the hiring of Carrie (Hoeper) Richard on the Taxpayers for Jensen bottom line.

In July '97, the cash balance was $6,159. By July '98, it was $80,927. In July '99, the balance was $187,844, and by July '01 it was $347,708. Blanchard said Jensen was gearing up for a gubernatorial run.

He said fundraising may have been "just mowing the lawn" for Jensen, but using his state employees gave Jensen a dishonest advantage.

Blanchard said Jensen had a duty not to use state employees to carry out campaign work, and as a state employee Schultz' duty was not to do campaign work while on the state payroll. The verdict comes down to this narrow point, Blanchard said, "Did these two people violate their clear duty?"

During Blanchard's summation, Jensen looked on in disbelief, often shaking his head in apparent disagreement as Blanchard went on.


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