Friday, February 24, 2006

Woodliff Was 'Uneasy' About Reporter's Investigation

Woodliff told Morgan that before the Wisconsin State Journal reporter who uncovered the story came to ARC for an initial interview, Kratochwill he told staff to hide or turn over on their desks all campaign-related documents.

Woodliff said she always had the feeling that her ARC job was not legitimate. "I did know that what I was doing was breaking the law. I mean, I almost quit my job in the first week," she said. After the newspaper started investigating the organization, though. "I personally started to get very uneasy once she (the reporter) started snooping around," Woodliff said.

Morgan asked her if before that she had conversations with Kratochwill about "right and wrong" at ARC. She said she had, and thought Kratochwill agreed because he had talked with legislative leadership about getting RACC its own office space.


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