Friday, February 24, 2006

Woodliff Cross-Examination Continues

As the trial resumes after a lunch break, defense attorney Stephen Morgan is still cross-examining Woodliff.

Woodliff said that Kratochwill would reassure her. "He'd say, 'Hang in there. Campaign season will be over soon and you can work on the policy issues you care about.'"

She said, "He would never say the words, 'I know this is wrong.' But he's saying I know your concerns ... It's not as if I asked him this stuff and his response was 'Where is this coming from. This is way out in left field.'"

Morgan then challenged her on whether she's equipped to interpret "right and wrong."

"What did you study to lead you to believe that RACC was being operated improperly within one week of time?" Morgan said."

"What did I study? Nothing," Woodliff replied.

Morgan also asked if Woodliff had "designs" to run for political office.

"To say I have designs would mean I have plans. I don't have any plans. But I do care about a democratic system very, very dearly," Wall said.


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