Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Webcasts of Kratochwill's Cross-examination Available

See new WisPolitics/Mediasite webcasts of the cross-examination of former Assembly Republican Caucus director Jason Kratochwill. Webcasts of Kratochwill's direct examination were posted earlier.

Prosecution Witness: Cross-examination of former Assembly Republican Caucus director Jason Kratochwill

--You must have a high-speed line.
--Click on the chosen link above.
--Wait until it loads and then adjust volume on your speakers and on the + - scale below the screen on the right.
--Use the "slide'' cues above the screen on the right to page through the interview to the spot you want.
--Watch and listen, or minimize the screen, listen and do other computer work.
Questions? Contact: webmaster@wispolitics.com


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