Monday, February 27, 2006

Testimony: Assembly Leadership Met in Capitol to Coordinate Fundraising

Kratochwill testified that meetings to coordinate the delivery of "seed money" from existing campaign committees to new candidates were held in the speaker's office leading up to the 2000 election. He said besides himself, Jensen, Schultz, Foti and Ladwig would attend these meetings.

Kratochwill said Jensen, Foti and Ladwig were the Assembly leaders most intimately involved in RACC, but he did add that current Speaker John Gard would "stop in at times" to RACC meetings.

Prosecutor Brian Blanchard showed the jury a grid with "assessments" expected of incumbent Assembly Republicans -- Kratochwill testified that there was a policy that incumbents were required to pay from their campaign accounts to challengers' campaigns. He said RACC leadership calculated the assessments and tracked collections.

In another document, Jensen hand-wrote a list of "friendly" groups and what they contributed to challenger candidates. The contributors were identified by Kratochwill as "mostly lobbyists and some party officials."

Blanchard also displayed a memo that Kratochwill said was created at ARC which outlined a strategy for which candidates should take advantage of public funding and which should pull their applications.


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