Tuesday, February 21, 2006

State Says Case to Focus on Duty, Money and Deception

Assistant AG Roy Korte said the case against Jensen and Schultz comes down to three elements -- duty, money and deception.

He said Schultz's job was to "raise and track campaign contributions" and Jensen directed Schultz and members of his own staff to campaign.

Korte talked about the Assembly Republican Caucus and the role of the caucus director, and said jurors will hear that employees on the state payroll are prohibited from campaign activity on state time.

"You will hear the obvious -- that private campaigns must be privately paid for and run by the candidates," Korte told the jury. "And you will hear that money is very important in state campaigns -- the management and collection of money."

Korte said the case is not about individual political views, or about whether people in the Capitol talk politics.

"It is simply about duty: Duty not to use state resources for campaign activity and duty not to direct state employees to do campaign work with state resources."

Korte characterized the now-defunct Assembly Republican Caucus as deeply involved in campaign work. He said a graphic artist employed by ARC spent up to 98 percent of his time designing campaign materials, and created a work order form exclusively for campaign work.

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