Friday, February 24, 2006

Reporter Says She Didn't Steal Documents

During his cross-examination of Woodliff, Meyer brought up the conduct of Dee Hall, the reporter who broke the inital caucus story. He asked if Wall told investigators about a conversation with Kratochwill where the caucus director told her Hall had tried to steal documents off his desk. Woodliff said Kratochwill had told her that, and Woodliff told investigators about it.

Hall, who has been covering the trial, spoke to a pair of reporters during a break to deny the allegation and give her account of the meeting.

She said when she met with Kratochwill he tried to offer proof of the legitimate work at ARC by showing her a stack of papers and setting them on his desk. During their conversation, Hall picked up the stack of papers, began looking through them, and found a sheet with campaign information in the middle of them. When she pointed it out to Kratochwill, she said, "he snatched it out of my hands and said, 'What are you doing rifling through my desk?'"

Hall said she then asked for Kratochwill to provide her copies of all the documents in the stack. He later did, minus the campaign sheet, she said.


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