Friday, February 24, 2006

Prosecution Offers Evidence of Carey's Campaign Involvement

Korte has produced a series of documents exhibiting Carey's involvement in campaigns. Among them was a report on RACC's performance in the '96 election. Carey sent the report to Jensen and other legislative leaders.

Korte also introduced a checklist Carey created to keep him updated on various Assembly campaigns. The surveys would be turned in by staff at Monday morning meetings at ARC.

Carey also testified he created "RACC Flashes" to be sent out to RACC members informing them about happenings in the committee. He said the flashes were sent via fax using a state-supplied machine in the ARC office.

Carey said defendant Sherry Schultz was one of the go-to advisors for fundraising questions after she joined ARC in 1998, when she was hired by Foti but worked out of ARC office. He said she also attended RACC executive committee meetings.

Carey said he did not consider Schultz a "RACC fundraiser," but said of her, "There were seats in which she would help members raise money."

The prosecution has finished its questions and the defense cross-examination has begun. Judge Steven Ebert said he wants to finish Carey's testimony before breaking for the weekend.


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