Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Prosecution Has Until Friday to Present Its Case

This morning, Judge Steven Ebert asked DA Brian Blanchard if he still expected to rest on Friday. Blanchard said he hoped to. "You have to rest on Friday," Ebert said, saying the trial can't go beyond three weeks due to conflicts with his schedule.

Ebert said he will make arrangements to have the jury sequestered beginning a week from Friday (March 10).

After former caucus director Jason Kratochwill finishes his testimony, next up will be Leigh (Himebauch) Searle and Patrick Essie. After that Virginia Keleher and Judi Rhodes-Engels are expected to take the stand.

The order could change, however, depending on the availability of the witnesses at the courthouse, according to Blanchard.

Jensen's attorney Stephen Meyer also told the judge that he has made arrangements with the prosecution to have one of his witnesses, Chad Taylor, testify this Thursday due to the witness's travel plans.


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