Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Morgan Wraps Up Kratochwill Cross-Examination

Wrapping up his hour-long cross examination, Morgan asked if he recalled ever removing canpaign documents from ARC with Lyndee (Wall) Woodliff, as she testified last week. Kratochwill said documents were being removed from ARC as early as 1999, but he has no specific memory of Woodliff being there. He also said, though, that he couldn't say with certainty she was not present.

Morgan also asked Kratochwill about the incident where he accused reporter Dee Hall of trying to steal documents, which Woodliff recounted in her testimony last week. Kratochwill said Hall picked papers up off his desk while he was on the phone, and that she did this without his permission.

Hall last week shared her version of the story with reporters.

During cross, Kratochwill admitted to Morgan that he never saw or heard Schultz ask any one for money in the ARC office or elsewhere. But on re-direct, Blanchard followed up on Morgan's question about why Schultz was in the ARC (Morgan had said Kratochwill thought it was to spy for leadership).

"What was Sherry Schultz there from leadership to do?" Blanchard asked.

"To raise money," Kratochwill answered. He also said Schultz would apprise him of fundraising activity on the campaigns, and could also be found photocopying checks in the office. Kratochwill said he believed those checks to be fundraising checks.


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