Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Morgan: No Illegal Activity from Schultz

Stephen Morgan, attorney for former legislative aide Sherry Schultz, said the prosecution must be held to its word as it tries to show Schultz acted improperly in her 46-month stint in ARC.

"Did she go out and raise money for campaigns? Did she go out and leaflet for campaigns? That is what the state is trying to show goes on here," Morgan said.

Morgan said in Schultz's 15-year legislative career, she established herself as a person who could get things done for legislators.

"One of the things they are going to rely on her for is to keep them out of trouble," he said.

While she did many things in her career, none of her activity was illegal, Morgan said, "because she has to have an intent to obtain a dishonest advantage" in order to have broken the law.

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