Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Morgan Asks Jury Pool About Publicity

Stephen Morgan, attorney for former Assembly aide Sherry Schultz, focused his questioning of potential jurors on media coverage.

Several jurors said they had encountered no pre-trial publicity of the case. One said she recently moved to Wisconsin from another state, another said she didn't own a TV.

Another potential juror said she didn't watch the news because it upsets her, while another said she hadn't seen publicity about Jensen or Schultz because she mainly watches Fox News Channel, which carries primarily national news stories.

Morgan also made points about the political nature of the upcoming testimony. "Does anyone believe that in that big granite building in the middle of the square, that they don't talk politics?" he asked.

"Is anyone bothered that political junkies are going to come into the courtroom to testify?"

After Morgan finished, Judge Ebert said that the 27-member panel would be narrrowed to 15 - a 12-person jury with three alternates. He also said after the jury is impaneled, there will be a brief lunch break, and then Ebert hopes to accomplish some work on the case yet today.

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