Monday, February 27, 2006

Kratochwill Suggested Moving Schultz Out of State Office

Kratochwill said he never assigned Schultz any legislative work, nor was he aware of anyone else assigning work related to the state to her. He said in early 2000 he suggested to Jensen that Schultz be moved out of the ARC office. "I thought it would be better if she were somewhere else because the fundraising was fairly obvious," Kratochwill said. He said no action resulted from the conversation.

At the time Kratochwill said he suggested that Schultz work out of the RPW, but it was nixed. "She's an employee (of the state) but she's sitting at the Republican Party every day -- (that) would probably draw attention," Kratochwill said.

It wasn't decided that Schultz would transfer out of her government job to the RPW until months after the "caucus scandal" story broke, Kratochwill said. He said in August or September of 2001, at a meeting at the RPW offices attended by Jensen, Foti, Ladwig and Gard, it was decided Schultz would go to work at the party.


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