Monday, February 27, 2006

Kratochwill Got Assignments 'From My Boss, Mr. Jensen'

Blanchard's inquiry of Kratochwill continues.

The prosectors are submitting reams of evidence attempting to establish how deeply involved in campaign activity the ARC was, including the work of Foti staffer Sherry Schultz, and Jensen's knowledge of the work ARC carried out.

One memo from Kratochwill dated Oct. 2000 said of the Lippert campaign, "need help with $30,000." Kratochwill explained the note meant they "need help from RACC to find it."

Blanchard asked if Jensen ever suggested Kratochwill not do campaign work on state time. "He never suggested that," Kratochwill answered.

Asked who he consulted with about his duties and how he should use his time, Kratochwill replied, "I would get assignments from my boss, Mr. Jensen."

Other tidbits from Blanchard's afternoon questioning:

-- Blanchard produced a memo handwritten by Jensen to Kratochwill, Schultz and a Ladwig staffer about a meeting the staffers were to attend later that day with Foti, Ladwig, Gard and Jensen. The meeting was to divy up RACC cash for the final push in the 2000 campaign.

-- Kratochwill testified that RACC budgeted $90,000 for campaign salaries, but he said none of that money went to him or to any of a list of ARC staffers named by Blanchard. Kratochwill said he never took a leave of absence to do campaign work.

-- Kratochwill also testified that ARC employee Paul Tessmer created voter lists targeting citizens by individual issues, such as hunters or senior citizens, using state resources and on state time.

-- Blanchard showed the jury a business-card size RACC contact list marked "confidential" that included Schultz's name. The card was distributed to members and candidates. For Schultz, it listed a state phone number and a fax number Kratochwilll believed belonged to ARC.


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