Monday, February 27, 2006

Kratochwill Cross-Examination Begins

Defense attorney Stephen Meyer began his cross examination of Kratochwill at 4:15 p.m.

Meyer attempted to show that the line between legislative staffer and campaign worker was often violated.

In '92, when Kratochwill was a staff member for Sen. Dale Schultz, Kratochwill served as campaign manager for Rep. Steve Freese, Meyer pointed out. Kratochwill said he never took a leave of absence to perform those duties.

In '94, while still a Schultz staffer, he worked on the senator's re-election campaign. Asked by Meyer what Kratochwill did for the campaign, Kratochwill answered, "According to him, not enough." Kratochwill did say he took a week's vacation prior to the election to do lit drops for Schultz.

Meyer said that once legislative sessions end, staffers can be hard-pressed to find meaningful tasks. As an example he used the ARC graphic designers. He asked Kratochwill if the designers' main task from January to June was newsletters, and Kratochwill said yes.

But when the session ends in June, Meyer asked if it was "fair to say the (newsletter) work disappears in the summer?" Kratochwill said yes.

Meyer also asked if it was fair to say that while the newsletters, which are taxpayer-funded, do provide constituents with legislative news, they're also "a good way for legislators to advertise themselves." Kratochwill said yes.


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