Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Former Staffer Recounts RACC Practices of Mid-'90s

Virginia Keleher, a staffer for Rep. Judy Klusman beginning in August 1994, said she became involved with RACC soon after being hired by Klusman. Klusman was assistant majority leader at the time, and was in charge of RACC fundraising operations in '94 and '96.

Keleher began to discuss what she did with RACC (bookkeeping, tracking donations), and where RACC meetings were held in '94 (restaurants).

Before she proceeded too far, defense attorneys Meyer and Morgan asked for a conference at the bench. After a brief off-the-record conference, Ebert excused the jury for lunch.

Back on the record, but with the jury gone, Morgan and Meyer argued that Keleher's experience goes outside the timeframe of the charges. But Ebert said other similar testimony has been allowed in already, and said he would allow Keleher's testimony.

The trial is set to resume around 1 p.m.


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