Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Former Ladwig Staffer Details Schultz' Fundraising Involvement

Judi Rhodes-Engels, a one-time staffer for former Rep. Bonnie Ladwig who now works for Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, recalled meetings in Jensen's office near election time to discuss the state of caucus fundraising. She said Schultz and Ladwig would also be there, as well as Kratochwill.

She said Jensen's role in the meetings would be to "pull all the different information together" and decide where money should be distributed. Schultz's responsibilities included keeping track of individual members' accounts, and creating "call sheets" of lobbyists for legislators to contact for contributions, Rhodes-Engels said.

Korte displayed a sheet detailing a list of lobbying organizations, their pledges, and the status of those pledges. Rhodes-Engels said the sheet was like ones that were discussed at the meetings in Jensen's office.

Asked what Schultz' job was, Rhodes-Engels said, "To raise dollars for individual campaigns and candidates."

Korte referred back to a fax introduced as evidence last week from Schultz to Ladwig and Rhodes-Engels.

She said the fax referred to a "phone crew" session, in which legislators would call and solicit donations from lobbyists or interest groups.

She said the chart-like sheet was a list of those who had committed cash and to whom they had committed it. Schultz organized the phone crews, gave the lawmakers a list of contacts and provided the phone numbers, and the legislators would report back to her, Rhodes-Engels said.

She said she wasn't aware of Schultz contacting any lobbyists or interest groups in person.


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