Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Former ARC Staffer Recalls "Rah-Rah Speeches" and Fundraising Invite, Printing

After Rhodes-Engels was excused, the state called ARC staffer Tom Petri, who worked there from March 2000 through November 2001 as a media specialist.

He said in the primary season of 2000 he was called on to help develop ads for Republican Assembly candidates. Petri's background was in radio news.

When questioned by prosecutors, Petri said he wrote the campaign radio ads on state equipment and while on the state payroll.

He said he did take vacation time to engage in campaign work in 2000 but he was not paid by any campaign or campaign committee other than to receive a mileage reimbursement.

As did prior witnesses, Petri recalled Jensen attending Monday morning campaign meetings in the ARC office. "He was the coach, and we were the players," Petri said of Jensen. He said Jensen was prone to giving "pep talks" and "rah-rah speeches."

Petri said he recalled Schultz printing fundraising invitations on the state-owned caucus printer. He also testified she organized envelope-stuffing sessions in the caucus conference room to get out fundraising letters.


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