Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Elections Board's Kennedy Explains Campaign Finance

The first day of testimony in the trial of Rep. Scott Jensen and former leggie aide Sherry Schultz began with state Elections Board Executive Director Kevin Kennedy taking the stand.

Kennedy opened his testimony by answering questions from Assistant AG Roy Korte about the state Elections Board, explaining his role in it, and the election and campaign rules for Assembly members. Legislative campaign committees, conduits and PACs were among the entities Kennedy defined for the jury.

The jurors look alert and interested, with most making notes on pads provided by the court.

Jensen, in a dark suit, white shirt and red tie, looked calm as he jotted notes at his desk next to attorney Stephen Meyer. Schultz sat quietly at a table a few feet behind Jensen with her attorney, Stephen Morgan.

Kennedy provided background on the campaign finance system uninterrupted until Korte asked him what the purpose of the campaign finance system was. Both defense attorneys objected, saying Kennedy was not qualified to comment on the purpose of legislative fundraising. Judge Steven Ebert overruled the objection.

Kennedy said the purpose of the campaign finance system is simply to disclose to the public the sources of support to candidates and campaign committees.

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