Thursday, February 23, 2006

Designer Says Campaign Work Kept on Separate Drives

Former Assembly Republican Caucus graphic designer Lee Riedesel said campaign material he worked on was kept on external disks or drives. At first he attributed this to the sensitivity of campaigns, but later came to a different realization.

"When I found out my job was actually not legal is when I attached the idea of why (campaign materials) were kept separate from the hard drive," Riedesel said.

Riedesel said he was directed by legislative staffers to work on campaign-related materials while he was employed by ARC.

As an example of Riedesel's work, Blanchard showed the jury a campaign piece for former Assembly candidate Cal Rabas. The mailer was approved by Kent Disch, then a staffer for Rep. Mike Huebsch. The approval stamp which bears Disch's signature indicates approval for 10,000 copies.

Riedesel said he also worked on lit pieces involving issues like hunting and abortion, and said he once used the state equipment to create an ad for former Assembly Majority Leader Steve Foti's trophy shop.

Twenty to 25 times during the 2000 campaign season, he said Schultz came to him to and had requests for campaign pieces. He said he couldn't remember working on anything with Schultz that was not campaign-related.

Neither Jensen nor Schultz ever told him he shouldn't be doing campaign work on state time, he said.


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