Thursday, February 23, 2006

Designer Recounts Last Days of ARC's Existence

After then-caucus director Jason Kratochwill's interview with reporter Dee Hall, Riedesel said Kratochwill insisted on locking the ARC office doors during the day. He said he and Schultz thought having the doors locked was a nuisance, and often left them unlocked when Kratochwill was away.

As Grant testified earlier, the work requested by Schultz made up for only a fraction of his total work time, Riedesel said.

After the news broke, Riedesel said tension ran through ARC. "Everybody was kind of nervous, you know, whether we had a job still or whether anybody was going to be charged," he said.

However, he said, Jensen was "very reassuring" that everyone would still have jobs.

Under re-direct from Blanchard, Riedesel said Jensen never said working on campaigns on state time was lawful.

"The only thing I remember him saying is it's been going on this way for 20-30 years," Riedesel said.


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