Thursday, February 23, 2006

Defense Says Caucus Campaign Work an Established Practice Prior to Jensen

Jensen attorney Stephen Meyer is attempting to establish that the practice of ARC doing graphic design for campaigns predates both Grant and Jensen.

He had Grant thumb through a folder of campaign materials. Grant identified pieces he designed himself for Mark Green, Rob Kreibich and MaryAnn Lippert. But he said he did not design pieces for former Gov. Tommy Thompson or former AG candidate Jeff Wagner in 1994.

Later, Schultz attorney Stephen Morgan tried to poke a hole in the prosecution's pile of evidence, casting doubt on a fax Grant identified as being sent by Schultz to Rep. Jeff Stone.

Morgan pointed out that the fax was dated Oct. 29, 1999, an odd-numbered year. Grant testified earlier that the majority of the campaign work he did was in even-numbered years. And, Morgan said it wasn't unusual for a Republican legislator to meet with business organizations like MMAC.

"Typically, are Republican legislators more aligned to business entities?" Morgan asked.

"Typically," Grant said.

Morgan also asked Grant whether there was anything about the fax that indicated it was about a campaign matter. Grant said he couldn't verify it was.

Grant said he took the fax sheet, along with the work orders, with him when he left ARC. Morgan asked him why he would do that.

"I had a box of campaign-related materials that I kept, and when I left I took them with me because I didn't feel they should be left in the office," Grant said. "The other option was to throw them out and that was something we weren't supposed to do."

Under questioning from Morgan and Meyer, Grant admitted that he also did campaign work for other elected officials on state computers, including work for Dane County board candidates, and received compensation for that work. But, he said, work he did for former Gov. Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin was done on his personal computer.

Under re-direct from Korte, Grant estimated he did campaign work for all but two or three of the Assembly members at the time, plus several challengers.

Grant, who now works for a Chicago ad agency, ran an unsuccessful primary campaign for Assembly from his Grafton home district in 1994.

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