Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Defense Probes Kratochwill's Motives, Immunity Deal

In his cross examination this morning, defense attorney Stephen Morgan further tried to shed doubt on Kratochwill's motives and the veracity of his testimony.

Morgan highlighted the number of interviews Kratochwill has had with investigators, saying there had been four interviews between Oct. 26, 2005 and Feb. 10, 2006 to prep him for the trial. Kratochwill said each lasted about two hours.

Morgan asked if it were true that Kratochwill had refused to turn over certain documents until he had received immunity. Kratochwill said he complied with all elements of the subpoena, but added it was "probably" after immunity was granted.

Kratochwill received immunity in November 2001 and at the time was working at the PSC. Morgan asked if while being interviewed by prosecutors Kratochwill took vacation time from the PSC. "I don't know, perhaps," Kratochwill answered.

Morgan asked if at the time he was employed by the PSC and cooperating with prosecutors his legal expenses were being covered by the state. "I believe so," Kratochwill said.

Then Morgan asked about Kratochwill's relationship with defendant Sherry Schultz. Morgan asked if it were true that he disliked Schultz from the moment he met her. "We were not friends," Kratochwill replied.

Morgan tried to paint Kratochwill as suspicious of Schultz, saying he told investigators in an early interview that he thought Schultz was trying to get him fired. Morgan also asked if Kratochwill believed she was placed in the ARC to "spy" on ARC. Kratochwill said no, but did admit that Schultz had a great deal of influence with her boss, then-Majority Leader Steve Foti.


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