Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Defense Objects to Questions on Campaign Assistance

Korte questioned Kennedy for more than an hour when he got to a series of questions that drew objections.

Korte inquired whether the state provides state-paid employees to assist in campaigns, drawing an objection from both defense attorneys. They said the question was leading, and Judge Ebert asked Korte to rephrase.

"Are you aware of any state statute regarding campaign financing that provides candidates for office any state employees?" he asked.

"No, I'm not," answered Kennedy, after the judge overruled the defense objections.

Korte then asked if statutes provide state-paid support for fundraising, the design of campaign materials, fundraiser mailing, or office space and equipment. Kennedy said they don't.

Korte then pulled out a stack of exhibits from the three boxes Kennedy provided to the prosecutors. Ebert called a brief recess to allow them to get the exhibits in order.

After the recess, Korte entered into evidence campaign finance documents from RACC covering 1997 through 2001.

Also entered were reports from former Jensen opponents Chad VanDierendonck (2000) and David Ostendorf (2000).

In addition campaign finance reports from Ted Nickel ('99-'00), Steve Foti ('97-'01), MaryAnn Lippert ('97-'01) and current Reps. Don Friske ('00-'01), Jeff Stone ('97-'01), and Jerry Petrowski ('98-'01).

Korte didn't ask Kennedy any questions about the reports.

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