Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Defense Draws Parallels Between Schultz, Rhodes-Engels' Jobs

Rhodes-Engels testified that Jensen assigned the duty of making the phone crew lists to Schultz.

Rhodes-Engels said throughout he employment with Ladwig she was paid by the state, and never paid by RACC. She estimated that "at least half" of her time was spent doing RACC work during campaign season.

Asked if Schultz was ever paid by RACC, Rhodes-Engels said she didn't recall writing her a paycheck but did recall making out an expense check to her on one occasion.

Asked if she felt she gave the state "2000-plus hours per year," Rhodes-Engels said, "Yes, I believe I did."

Morgan used his cross examination to draw parallels between Schultz and Rhodes-Engels' jobs during the period. He said they were both organizing fundraisers, doing campaign finance reports, and other campaign activity. Earlier, under questioning from Korte, Rhodes-Engels had testified that a difference between Schultz and herself was that Schultz was raising money for individual candidates, while she was supporting RACC and Ladwig's responsibilities as treasurer.

When asked by Morgan if she agreed they were pretty much doing the same work, Rhodes-Engels said yes.


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