Friday, February 24, 2006

Defense Challenges Woodliff's Memory

During defense attorney Stephen Meyer's cross-examination of Woodliff, he tried to discredit her testimony about campaign materials being stored on state computers. He pointed out that yesterday several witnesses testified that campaign material was stored on external drives or disks.

"There is no question my computer was not the only one in that office where campaign materials were stored. I saw computer screens," Wall said.

He also challenged Woodliff's statement that ARC staff held a bonfire to destroy documents in the fall of 2000. Woodliff said she was not at the bonfire, but was told about it by Kratochwill and others. "They said, 'We already bonfired a bunch of it,'" she testified.

The second defense attorney, Stephen Morgan, began his cross of Woodliff by trying to cast doubt on her memory. Woodliff said she met with prosecutors to review the facts of the case a week and a half ago. Morgan said the documents she looked over at that time were reports written by investigators, and asked how she could be sure of the accuracy of those accounts.

"Because I lived through it initially," she said. "It's like anything ... your recall memory comes into effect."


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