Monday, February 27, 2006

Defense: Caucus' Purpose Was to Help Re-Election

Meyer went line-by-line through a list from an ARC document to show that the caucuses were set up to aid in the re-election of incumbents. Meyer pointed out ARC duties like database collection and redistricting to enforce his point.

"Isn't everything on this page geared toward getting legislators re-elected?" Meyer asked. When Kratochwill answered in the affirmative, Meyer said, "Our taxpayer dollars are being used to help that legislator get re-elected. Correct?" Again, Kratochwill said yes.

Meyer also asked Kratochwill why after he was first contacted by reporter Dee Hall he contacted the directors for the other three caucuses -- the Assembly Democrats, Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats.

"To tell them about the meeting because I knew either she was seeking to or had met with their offices as well," Kratochwill said.

But when Meyer asked if he did so because he knew the other directors had the "dual role" Kratochwill had at the ARC, Blanchard objected. The objection was sustained by Ebert on the grounds of relevance.


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