Friday, February 24, 2006


A blog posting from yesterday erroneously said that former Assembly Republican Caucus designer Kacy Hack testified that she did work for "the special election campaigns of Rep. Don Friske and Rep. Terri McCormick." A second look at video of the testimony shows Hack said she did work in the elections of Friske and McCormick, but those were not necessarily special elections.

Here's a transcript of the exchange between Hack and the prosecutor:

Prosecutor: Did you do any work for special elections?
Hack: Yes
Prosecutor: Do you remember doing any work in the -- not saying these are special elections, just the elections -- of Don Friske?
Hack: Yes
Prosecutor: Terri McCormick?
Hack: Yes
Prosecutor: Are those non-incumbents?
Hack: They were at the time.

McCormick's campaign manager, Tracy Mangold, said in an open letter to prosecutor Brian Blanchard that "at no time has (McCormick) ever procured the services of a caucus graphic artist for any type of campaign work" and threatened court action against Hack for slander.

Here's an excerpt from that letter:

Representative Terri McCormick has never run in a special election and furthermore, has never commissioned the work of any caucus graphic artist at any time since she has been in office. Representative McCormick's graphic artist has been from the very beginning Roberta Bosetti of Appleton.

This erroneous allegation, if reported accurately by Mr. Bump is blatantly untrue. Representative McCormick is seeking legal counsel and will file charges of slander against Kacy Hack if necessary. Representative McCormick is more than willing to go on the stand and testify under oath that at no time has she ever procured the services of a caucus graphic artist for any type of campaign work.

See the full letter to Blanchard.


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