Monday, February 27, 2006

Caucus Workers Used in Campaign TV Ad

After lunch, Kratochwill testified that in the 2000 campaign season, ad agency Wilson and Grand was hired by RACC to produce commercials for targeted campaigns. Kratochwill said the firm was hired after an interview in Jensen's office in which he, Jensen, Foti, and Ladwig were present.

The jury was shown a 30-second spot for candidate MaryAnn Lippert featuring Sue Ann Thompson. In the commercial, four ARC staffers appeared, including eventual whistle-blower Lyndee (Wall) Woodliff, as well as one legislative staffer. Kratochwill said the commercial was taped during regular work hours.

Kratochwill estimated from June until the 2000 election, he spent 10 percent of his work time on the ads; from writing the RFP to hire an agency, through writing the script, participating in the shoot, and placing the ads.


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