Friday, February 24, 2006

Caucus Workers Directed to Remove Campaign Materials in Advance of Newspaper Story

After ARC director Jason Kratochwill met with reporter Dee Hall, who broke the "caucus scandal" story, he ordered workers to remove documents from the office, Woodliff said.

Woodliff said she was told to "take anything (campaign-related) that wasn't necessary for day-to-day use that was at my station, to take it home." She said on several days she filled her briefcase full of documents to take home with her.

Following the directive from Kratochwill, Woodliff remembered asking Schultz if she needed help removing campaign-related material, leaving the legitimate state items.

Schultz reply was, "I don't have anything that is legitimate," Woodliff recalled.

Woodliff left the ARC in March 2001. The first media reports of the "caucus scandal" appeared in May of that year.


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