Thursday, February 23, 2006

Caucus Worker Says He Only Saw Schultz Work on Fundraising

Former ARC graphic designer Eric Grant testified today that although defendant Sherry Schultz was employed by former Assembly Majority Leader Steve Foti, she worked exclusively on fundraising activity.

Grant, who worked at the Assembly Republican Caucus until April of 2000, had an office adjacent to Schultz at ARC's Fairchild Street office. Schultz would give Grant work orders to design campaign materials, he said.

Asked if he saw Schultz doing any other work, Grant said, "Other than fundraising? No."

Grant also testified that he saw campaign materials like mailing lists and campaign finance reports in Schultz's office.

As evidence of Schultz's campaign work, Korte displayed a fax from her to Rep. Jeff Stone. The comment section of the fax read, "Got sidetracked ... Here are the MMAC names for you to look."

Grant verified that it was in Schultz's handwriting. "It would have been for a fundraiser for the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee -- either that or Jeff Stone," Grant said.

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